Cosplay photography is something I mostly do for fun and I do not usually charge cosplayers for their images.

All images are solely owned by Glenn Ladewig Photography.

Please ask before sharing images and ALWAYS with proper photo credit in the description and please TAG me. 

These images may not be used for advertising, publication or printing without prior written consent. 

Contact me directly for licensing at 214-769-0525.

A further note on COPYRIGHTS. All images ©GlennLadewigPhotography and are solely owned by Glenn Ladewig.

Most images are taken in very brief 3-minute photo shoots at conventions in public. No images may be used commercially by others without PRIOR written consent and some form of EXCHANGE to me as the photographer and to the subject of an image as the model with a proper model release. That means that just providing "photo credit" is not sufficient.

If YOU want to use one of my images on SOCIAL MEDIA, then please ask first. Don't just "copy and paste" my work. 

No image may be used on social media that does not prominently display my copyright stamp and provides "Photo credit: Glenn Ladewig Photography" as an ACTIVE LINK that goes to either my Instagram, my Facebook or my professional website. Images that do not follow these guidelines will be "reported" and removed.

As the Joker once said, "Why so serious?" Well, I'll tell you. Photography is how I make a living and I often don't make any money from my cosplay material. ACTIVE RECOGNITION is often the only exchange I get when you post one of my images and get 3000 LIKES. It does bother me when someone just takes one of my images, crops out my copyright stamp from the picture, and posts it to their social media page without giving any photo credit.

I can be hired for private cosplay photo shoots at my studio or we could meet at a con, spend 7 to 15 minutes shooting a variety of poses and get lots of great shots.

I offer discounts to cosplayers and models as shown on my Prices page based on experience.

As such, no images may be PRINTED, in any way sold for profit, published or used in any commercial enterprise or website without my PRIOR written permission.

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