Ten years ago, I got a job as a portrait photographer for a high-end match-making and dating company. That year, a very fashionable lady came in for her photo shoot. She had become a widow after 30 years of marriage and was a little nervous. But, part of what I do as a professional is make people feel more comfortable in front of the camera, so I asked her to "strike a pose" while I adjusted the lights for her introductory video and she held up her hand making a Vulcan salute.

"No you just didn't!" I said, being the biggest Star Trek fan in the world. So, following a smashing photo shoot I asked her if I could e-mail her to get her phone number so I could call her and ask her out for a movie date, because I did not think it was right to ask a girl out in an e-mail, I said I would call her and maybe we could see the new James Bond movie!

Of course, meeting Rita sealed the deal.

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