Prices are a measurement of EXCHANGE and my prices reflect my level of expertise having been a photographer for fifteen years.

In addition to three years of college courses in photography, I’ve done over 3,000 photo shoots and have more than 10,000 hours of practical experience.

Specialized Photo Shoot Packages

Here are several specialized photo shoot packages which includes the photo shoot and a number of images with some level of editing.

Click on any image for more information.

Customized Photo Shoots

Or customize your photo shoot to perfectly match your needs.

After the photo shoot we will go over the images together. 

There is an artistic science in sorting out the best images to pick.

Additional Images & Licensing 

The PRICE of an image is determined by HOW you want to USE the picture.

I recommend Personal Digitals for most clients. Medium resolution is all most people will ever need for high quality prints up to 8x10.

Although a Business Digital has a higher resolution, the main difference is the additional editing and the license to use the image for business purposes.

Levels of Editing

All Images come with a "Level of Editing" which can be upgraded. Every layer of editing makes a noticeable difference.

Compared to What?

Sometimes people say, "That's expensive!" And my reply is "Compared to what?"
There are thousands of photographers in the DFW area. A few of them are quite exceptional.
And believe me, they are charging as much or more than I am as they should because photography is a craft.

I have been a photographer for fifteen years and have over 10,000 hours of practical experience
on top of three years of photography classes and hundreds of hours of personal study.
I charge accordingly to my level of expertise and artistic ability.

I also don't hide my prices with "Weddings starting at..." but lay it out clearly.
The most important part is I provide value. You always get more than you pay for
with professional service, attention to detail and great images!

Untitled photo

Photo Shoots are by appointment at studio location unless otherwise stated. A session retainer of $75.00 is due at time of booking.

The session retainer is a fee you pay to retain your appointment time. If you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 48 hours notice or if you are more than 30 minutes late you forfeit the session retainer fee and must pay another retainer to reschedule. Don't be late or cancel without sufficient notice.

Please arrive with your hair and makeup ready to go and allow for an hour after the session to select and order any images you may want to keep.

I maintain full copyrights on all images. Images delivered in digital form may only be used for stated purposes and may never be resold. Images may not be used commercially without express written permission and purchase of commercial license.

All images shared on social media must give photo credit to Glenn Ladewig Photography and TAGGED every time.  

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