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Prices are a measurement of exchange. They reflect a level of expertise and ability.

I've been a photographer for twelve years and I've shot over 3000 photo shoots.

I charge a nominal fee for the photo shoot session and have different options for obtaining your images as digital copies to share or quality prints for your home. 

Photo Shoot Session Prices

Natural Light Photo Shoots produce the most beautiful images. I love the soft lighting and the blurry natural backgrounds that bring the subject in focus. 

Any type of photo shoot can be done in natural light, including:

Dating Profiles -- Senior Pictures -- Family Portraits -- Pet Portraits -- Headshots 

Studio Lighting produces far more professional results. The images created have a much higher level of creative "pop" that gives a more distinguished look.

Professional Headshots -- High-End Portraits 

Modeling Portfolios -- Dance and Fitness Portfolios -- Boudoir

Studio lighting is highly recommended when you intend to print an image to frame on your wall or if you need to use an image for publication or commercial purposes.

Digital Images Available on CD and Quality Prints

Digital Images may be shared for personal or business use only. All images posted to social media must use a copyright stamped version, provide photo credit to Glenn Ladewig Photography in the description and TAG me on Facebook or Instagram.

Commercial use or publication requires prior written consent and exchange.

Images are "low resolution" but are more than sufficient for sharing online. All prints larger than 8 by 10 must be ordered from me directly.

This is why I became a photographer. To create images that are so good that you want to print them and enjoy them for years to come on the walls of your home!

When I take such an image it is not by accident. It’s because of years of dedication to my craft as a professional photographer and these prices honor all that I've become.

Weddings, Parties and Events

Having done 2500+ dating profile photo shoots my images have brought many couples together! Some of them got married and allowed me to capture their wedding!

Lets be frank, you can't hire your uncle to shoot the wedding and expect quality work. You need a professional who has the experience and proper gear to get the job done.

I have the experience and the absolute best gear to work in low-light conditions.*

Call me and lets discuss your wedding photography goals. I can help.

*Clarification: The BEST gear means: The best camera on the market, Nikon D850 ($3200), the best lenses, Nikon 70-200 VR III ($2800), the best Studio Strobes as needed, Two Profoto B2 (at $2000 each) and the best On-Camera Flash, the Profoto B1 (two at $1000 each) plus many extras.

I’m great at encouraging guests to take a picture.

I can be hired either by the hour plus images or by a package deal. Images will be delivered on a CD at social media friendly resolutions with copyright stamp.

Every image comes with a level of editing and may be "upgraded" on a per-image basis.

Upgrading an image from "Light Editing" to  "Significant Editing" would cost $30.

Usually the larger the print the more I recommend "upgrading" the editing.

Friends and Family Discounts

Here is why I didn't become a photographer - to make money off my friends and family. That being said, photography is my profession and its how I make a living. 

So as long as these discounts aren't abused I would be happy to work with any of my friends or family to capture a few images for their social media or a photo album.

Every image posted to social media must have my copyright stamp and credit Glenn Ladewig Photography in the description with a LINK to my website and TAG.

These discounts may not be applied to other specials. 

Let me further define "Friends" because just because we know each other does not mean you qualify for the discount. Do we hang out? Do we do things together? 

If you THINK you qualify for the "Friends" discount, then you probably do.

If you're not sure, then you probably don't. 

This map shows the delineation between "coming to me" and going "on-location."

The smaller circle I consider "coming to me" and where I prefer to work.

The larger circle is on-location, beyond this point I charge $75 per hour for travel.   

We can also shoot at the Dallas Arboretum but I start the photo shoot at the front door. I can not take professional studio strobes and light modifiers into the Arboretum. 


I require the session fee of  the photo shoot as a non-refundable appointment reservation fee to be paid at the time of booking the appointment for all photo shoots. If 48-hour notice is not given to cancel any appointment that fee will be forfeited.

For "on location", bridal portraits, weddings, parties and events I require an amount equal to 50% plus any additional expenses as a non-refundable appointment reservation fee and seven (7) days notice to change or cancel any appointment or any fees will be forfeited.


I maintain full copyrights on all images I, or another photographer working for me produce. Images released in digital form may only be used for personal or business use unless addition license is granted in writing for publications, resell or advertising. Images used on social media must give photo credit to Glenn Ladewig Photography every time.

Low resolution images with copyright stamps may not be altered in any way before posting. Clients may make prints up to size 8x10 from lower resolution image files but any prints larger than 8x10 must be ordered from me directly. Images may not be altered, cropped or modified.

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