Prices are a measurement of EXCHANGE and my prices reflect my level of expertise and ability.

I've been a photographer for over twelve years and I've shot over 3000 photo shoots including thousands of head shots.

I've taken three years of college-level courses in photography and I have over 10,000 hours of practical experience.

I charge a session fee and provide a "print credit" that can be used towards digitals images or prints. 

Photo Shoot Session Rates

Right after your photo shoot we will go over the images together and pick out your favorites with my help.
All orders for prints and digitals are placed at that time. Please allow for an hour after the shoot to go over the photos.
Digital images are priced by how the images will be used and the corresponding resolution. See prices below:

Per Image Digital Prices

The PRICE of an image is determined by HOW you want to USE it and the corresponding resolution.

Bundled Packages

Photo Shoots are by appointment at studio location only. Payment for session is due at time of booking and any cancellations must be made with at least 24 hours notice.

Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will forfeit your session retainer fee and must be deposited again to rebook appointment.
Please arrive ready for your appointment. Please allow for an hour after the session to sort and order images. 

A client is someone interested in professional photography service 

Head Shots -- Portraits -- Events

Corporate or Commercial photography is applicable for businesses seeking

Advertising -- Product Photography -- Corporate Events -- Head Shots

People I have personally known in real life for more than two years.

Discounted rates only for models with more than two years of experience and portfolio to prove it.
Photo shoots are directed by me and serve a purpose which produce images for my portfolio.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
Untitled photo


I require the session fee of  the photo shoot as a non-refundable appointment reservation fee to be paid at the time of booking the appointment for all photo shoots. If 48-hour notice is not given to cancel any appointment that fee will be forfeited.
For "on location", bridal portraits, weddings, parties and events I require an amount equal to 50% plus any additional expenses as a non-refundable appointment reservation fee and seven (7) days notice to change or cancel any appointment or any fees will be forfeited.


I maintain full copyrights on all images I, or another photographer working for me produce. Images released in digital form may only be used for personal or business use unless addition
 license is granted in writing for publications, resell or advertising. Images used on social media must give photo credit to Glenn Ladewig Photography every time and TAGGED.

Clients may make prints up to size 11 by 14 from lower resolution image files but any larger prints must be ordered from me directly. ©2019 Glenn Ladewig Photography All Rights Reserved

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