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Discounted rates only for models with more than two years of experience and portfolio to prove it.

Photo shoots are directed by me and serve a purpose to produce images for my portfolio.

This pricing page is more complex than others as rates are variable based on model experience.

I will have graphics that lay it all out, but in designing this page, I'll put it down in text format first and work out the graphics later.

I highly respect the work that models do. I have worked with a moderate number of models and have seen a wide range of skill.

Please forgive any directness, but a model is not just some cute girl who wiggles in front of the camera hoping to do something right.

A model not only understands posing, but has an awareness of lighting. She can produce a number of expressions and she is a professional.

So, I have worked out a formula for when I pay a model and when a model pays me and it's entirely based on experience.

For the moment, I will work on a 3 to 1 ratio. I have been a WORKING photographer for almost 15 years.

Thus, if you have been modeling professionally for under five years, you will pay me.
If you have been a model for exactly five years, we work on a TFP basis.
And if you have been a model for more than five years, I will pay you.

It also matters what we're creating. Having done 3000 portrait photo shoots, of beautiful men and women
in natural light or at the Arboretum, I don't especially need any more of those shots.

I hire models for fine art fashion, very glamorously dressed in impeccable outfits that make a statement.
I also hire models for tasteful fine art nude photography projects that I can use in my portfolio.
Again, based on model experience in ratio to my experience as a photographer.

Needless to say, models are safe working with me. I don't do creepy and I am highly respectful of the model as a professional.

More graphics and price/rate breakdowns at a later date. I am very busy just now.

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