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My name is Glenn and I am a professional painter serving the North Dallas metroplex. I have painted hundreds of homes since 1997.

I am currently doing interior paint jobs from projects as small as a single room to complete makeovers painting the entire house.

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I started Ladd Painting Company back in 1997. And after painting hundreds of interiors and exteriors for ten years I switched gears entirely and built a successful retail business and then later went back to school.

I studied photography for three years and became an award-winning published portrait photographer. I was very successful and did over 3000 photo shoots over fifteen years, but took a break when 2020 hit and all of my weddings got cancelled.

I began painting again because I felt the future economy would be more consistent for a professional paint contractor than an artistic photographer.

So I have now come full circle and returned as trusted experienced artisan.

Free Estimates  -  Fair Prices  -  Fast Clean Service

Let's address the most common question first and that is, "How much will it cost to paint my house?" and the answer is, a fair market price. (see my specials below) The more important question to ask is what are you getting for your money?

Ladd Painting Company strives to deliver more than is expected every single time. I don't charge less than other painters, but you do get more in exchange.

I provide high-quality service in a timely manner and the job will be done right. I use high-quality Sherwin Williams paints, and I apply them with well over 10,000 hours of practical experience as a "master-level" painter.

My final valuable product is not just a painted wall, but "A totally satisfied customer through an ideal painting experience."

I achieve this with good communication and high standards. 

This is why about 80% of my business has been from word of mouth and I am often one or two weeks booked out.

The key to success is service! 

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Winter Specials for December, January and February!

This year I will "include the paint!" until February 28th.
This saves you about $150 off of a standard room.

Also, for all full-house interiors to get a house ready to sell, I will take the "after pictures" that may be used for listing the house.

These specials are for interiors walls only. The estimate may change based on the actual conditions of the job. Standard rooms only. Light texture, clean walls, up to 9 feet in height. Standard colors. Rooms must be empty and air conditioned. Does not include ceilings, woodwork or closets. One color.

Call Now for a Free Estimate! 214-769-0525

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