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A friend is defined as someone I have known in real life for more than three years.

I don't seek to make money from my friends and family, but photography is my life so if you want me to make you look like a movie star you must contribute to my livelihood. I would be happy to work with any of my friends or family to create some stunning images for personal or business purposes at discounted prices.

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The Fine Print

I will start with a definition of what constitutes "a friend" as a PERSON that I've known in real life for more than three years.

Other considerations that come with these discounted services are the following:

First, you must come to my studio location where I have everything all set up and ready.

After our photo shoot you must SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! the images and TAG and CREDIT Glenn Ladewig Photography in such a way that it encourages your friends to hire me.

If I have photographed your popular high school daughter, then she must also SHARE and TAG and CREDIT me to her 1200 friends. 

Simply put, if I'm providing friendly discounted prices and we really are friends, then I would hope you would help spread the word to your network and encourage them to call me.

I will also provide one extra edited image with a significant copyright stamp that you must use as a profile picture for a month with TAG.

You may only use the images with copyright stamps on social media. No images may be resold, published or used for any commercial purpose without prior written approval.

Please don't let your very important moments - like Homecoming  - be forgotten because you only grabbed a few shots with a cell phone half of which are out of focus.

If any of these terms are not acceptable please use my Client Prices instead.

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