First-time Client Special Offer

I am very excited to have put together an introductory photo shoot special to help people get to know me better as a photographer and to give more insight into the value my photography can bring in capturing their lives.

My goal is to develop a relationship with you so that you will reach out to me when you need help preserving those special moments in your family's life.

Here's the Deal!

This special offer is an introduction to Glenn Ladewig Photography that can be done one time.

It's not designed to be a full-blown photo shoot but a sampling of how I work. But, since you will get some photos with this photo shoot, I am charging a nominal fee because my work has value.

We will begin with a brief tour of my studio and a short consultation to discover what types of photography you may be interested knowing more about. Then we'll go over those parts of my portfolio and the services that cover those interests as well as my prices for those services.

Then we'll spend about 20 minutes in the large courtyard just outside my studio and grab a few shots to give you an idea of how coaching can improve both your posing and expressions.

Returning to the studio, we'll go over those images together and select the best pictures. I will then demonstrate my three levels of editing on your favorite picture so you can see the transformation before your very eyes. I can make any picture look 1000X better without looking like it's been edited.  

After I add a copyright stamp I will format the image for social media and I ask that you use it as a profile picture for one week on Facebook and Instagram with a TAG.

If you will also say something nice and provide a LINK to my website in the description, I will reward all referrals with more images, editing upgrades or even a bonus photo shoot as described below. You must provide a LINK to this website to get the referral credits.

After you have used the promotional image as your profile picture for seven days, I will send you the social digital version of your three pictures. 

Plus, if you get three referrals you'll also get a free bonus photo shoot!

See details below:

The Referral Game!

If you use the promotional digital as a profile picture for a week and provide a LINK to my website in the description you will get a FREE EDITING UPGRADE on your other pictures! 

If you do refer just one person I will upgrade your profile picture to Personal Digital Image which has better editing, no copyright stamp and better resolution so it can be printed up to size 8x10.

If you refer two people I will upgrade your picture to a Business Digital which has four times the resolution, more editing and may also be used for business purposes.

And, If you refer THREE people I will send you the full resolution profile picture with significant editing which you may use for personal and business use and you will also get a FREE one-hour photo shoot!

What's the Value?

Another word for Exchange is Value. Glenn Ladewig Photography strives to provide the most exceptional value at a fair price. 

Let's look at the exact value of this First-time Photo Shoot Special

Tour and Consultation: Some Value
20-minute Photo Shoot: About $100
Three Social Digital Images: $60 
Significant Editing on one Image: $60
Editing Upgrade on Two Images: $40

Thus you are getting about $250 of VALUE for just $75.00!

Plus, if three of your friends say, "Wow!" and book with me you'll also get an another $350 of VALUE in products and services.

"This is a Good Deal, Jeff!" -- Kevin Costner -- Draft Day

Book your photo shoot now!

Call or Text me to make an appointment at 214-769-0525

Fine Print / Details

First-time photo shoot special is by appointment only at my studio location. There is a $75.00 session retainer fee due at time of booking appointment. The Session Retainer fee is non-refundable.

Addendum: As I am currently scouting for a NEW studio location, we can meet near a pretty park at a Starbucks and do our consultation there before heading off to grab some pictures.

Session Retainer is a fee you pay to retain your appointment time. If you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 48 hours notice or if you are more than 30 minutes late you forfeit the session retainer fee and must pay another retainer to reschedule. Don't be late or cancel without sufficient notice.

Only one person and one outfit for this special. Must be over 18 years old. And you must arrive with your hair and make-up ready. Part of the exchange in getting such a great price for this photo shoot is your agreement to use one image as a profile picture on Facebook and Instagram for a week with TAG.

If you are not willing to use one of the images as a profile picture, then please don't choose this first-time photo shoot special because that is part of the reason the price is so fantastic.

Glenn Ladewig Photography owns all copyrights. No images may be altered or cropped or used for purposes beyond what is stated for the image. If you need to use the image for business purposes then you must pay for a Business Digital Image upgrade. Images may never be used for commercial purposes without express written permission and the purchase of a commercial license.

If somehow by the end of the shoot you have still misunderstood requiring or do not want to use a promotional digital image as your profile picture for a week, we can settle the misunderstanding by my providing ONE single social media digital with basic editing which you do not have to use as a profile picture but does have a modest copyright stamp. By signing up for this photo shoot special you agree this is the only final recourse of action. Further, if you want the image without a copyright stamp you would need to upgrade to a personal digital. 

Final note: This is an exceptional deal. It's an introductory rate that you can get one time only. It also means there are no exceptions. Like, "Can I bring my baby and get a few shots of him, too?" The answer is, no.

This is only meant to be an Introductory photo shoot to give you an idea of the quality of my work and skills. Obviously, this Introductory photo shoot special can not be combined with other offers.

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