When I heard that WRR 101.1 fm was throwing an Opening Night special screening hosted by The British Emporium at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, I immediately got my ticket! 

Images are available to purchase for personal use!

See details below:

Images are available to purchase for personal use.

The prices are as follows as of January 2020:

8X10 Prints (without copyright stamps) are $35.00

Low Res downloads (with copy stamp) are $15.00

High Res downloads (allows printing) are $95.00

Currently there are copyright "stamps" across all pictures, but if you purchase an 8x10 print, I will remove them before sending to the printer.

If you purchase a low res download I will send you the download with a small copyright stamp. Please credit or TAG me on social media.

If you purchase a high res download I remove all overlays and send you a clean image allowing you to make your own prints up to size 8x10.

All downloads are for personal use only. You may not resell or profit from these images in any way without additional license agreement. 

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