Downton Abbey Jazz Night - Glenn Ladewig Photography

Welcome to my Downton Abbey Jazz Night event album! I took hundreds of images from the evening and after picking out the very best have been editing images for five days!

These images are Available for Purchase per agreement with the Dallas Woman's Forum in exchange for my services. If you purchase a download you may share it to social media.

Anyone purchasing an image may schedule a photo shoot at my "Friends & Family" prices until the end of November. Fall is the best time of year for natural light shoots! Call now!

Additional note: I'm adding an option to purchase a "high res download" which is a higher resolution file that you can use for Christmas cards or additional prints up to 8x10. Also, if you purchase a print this week, I will send you a low-res copyright stamped version for free to use on social media.  

Images are Available for Purchase

All images are ©2019 Glenn Ladewig Photography and may not be shared unless a proper download has been purchased. Any image purchased may be shared on social media but please do not be alter or crop.

Prints are available without a copyright stamp in the shopping cart. If you purchase a print, I will remove the copyright stamp before sending the image to the lab. Please do not print from downloaded images.

Anybody who purchases a download or a print may take advantage of a special photo shoot offer at my "Friends & Family" prices between now and the end of November. Here is a LINK to Friends & Family Price List.

Three Image Collage on Sharing

Images may be purchased as a medium resolution download for $20 per image or you may order an 8x10 print for $40.

Medium resolution downloads contain a copyright stamp in the image and are for sharing on social media.

Prints do not contain a copyright stamp and are printed from original-resolution source for highest quality.

Additional note: I am adding a "commercial download" to the shopping cart which is for a higher resolution
download that gives you the rights to use the image for Christmas cards or prints up to 8x10 for $135.

If you would like to use an image for something other than social media or to obtain a print
 larger than 8x10 or otherwise, please contact me directly to work out a fair exchange.

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