I was the photographer dressed as Prince Naveen from Disney's The Princess and the Frog. My girlfriend was dressed as a vintage-style Tiana. See more of our images here.

This was our second Cosplay Prom. See last year's pictures here.

Now that I've posted about 65 or so images, I thought I would mention the copyright rules which I am more relaxed about because this was just an event for fun.

But, my images are important to me so please treat them with respect. They may be shared on social media like Facebook and Instagram but not printed. 

If you share one of my images please do not crop or alter the image. My copyright stamp must be visible. If you need me to "rework" the image to make the copyright fit just send me a message. Also, please do credit me in the description of the post and TAG Glenn Ladewig or Glenn Ladewig Photography on FB or IG. Call, text or message me if you need a photographer in the future!

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