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Boudoir Landing Page

This is an intermediary landing page to my boudoir and fine art nude photography portfolio. I have set this page up to filter out people who are not seriously shopping for boudoir photography services but just want to see all the pictures of naked girls. This is not that kind of website.

I also want to clarify what types of boudoir photography I shoot.

Images must contain some artistic value. My boudoir style is more suggestive nude utilizing lighting, angles and shadows to be only partially revealing so as to create a mystery. Boudoir doesn't need to actually reveal anything. Just create desire.

I also prefer images that empower a woman to acknowledge her true beauty as opposed to images that convey a woman being an object, that says, “Buy me a kofi or click here to join my Onlyfans.”

Having worked with all body types, my specialty is posing and lighting a woman in such a way that is flattering to her beauty and diminishes imperfections.

I would also like to relay my work ethic as regards boudoir photography and fine art nude photography. 

I have done so many sensual photo shoots that you will never ever see and that is because I have given my word not to share those images. Only those images that are very clearly stated as okay to publish and share to the public ever make it to my portfolio. And I also require this permission in writing. So, not even my girlfriend or my "buddies" will ever see images that I have given my word to keep private. In fact, as of 2020 I have built a computer system that allows me to create ENCRYTED CDs requiring a password to unscramble the images. All images are also stored on ENCRYPTED volumes on my computer after all the editing is completed. My passwords are 16 to 20 characters - upper case, lower case, symbols and numbers. Very safe.

Please discuss openly any concerns you have before the photo shoot. Please be clear about what you are comfortable shooting, and what you are not comfortable shooting. 

Also, because I feel it's relevant, I do have a great amount of experience working with women professionally. 

My last business was a beauty salon. I owned The Body Wrap Shop on Henderson Avenue for a little over six years. During that time, I was consistently the number one body wrap technician working with over 5000 women in bra and underwear without any incidents. I was also the number one body wrap technician in the world across 300 franchise locations in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

So, as a professional I know what actions are appropriate and which are not. I am relaying this information to help you be comfortable because I understand how important it is to build trust. I always ask permission before any physical contact is made such as moving an arm or adjusting the angle of the face or body as my standard posing directions.

Having "wrapped" many women I directly asked them what they wanted to "work on" and accomplish with their body wrap, and I've heard it all. So I know all the "trouble spots" and what areas a woman is concerned about which carries over to photography.

Additionally, in 2012 I became the senior photographer at an upscale dating company where about 80% of the 2500 clients were women. I helped them build their dating profile with flattering images and let's just say that not every client was a Lynda Carter. Many presented challenges and I learned how to pose and illuminate a woman in ways to diminish those "trouble spots" in an image to reveal her beauty.

So, I understand the concerns, I understand the issues and I understand respectful professional behavior. Let's talk about your goals and let's create some magical images!

One final comment on Boudoir Photography and that is "Can I bring a friend?" And the answer is, yes, women only. But that friend must not interfere with the creative process and no side photography will be permitted. They may help with hair and make-up and adjusting garments but may not be present for the selection process or ordering session. I also reserve the right to kick their ass out of the photo shoot if they become disruptive. 

As you can see below in the price graphic, the photo shoot is an "At-Home Session" given that I am between studio locations atm. Another option is shooting at an upscale hotel such as The Grand in McKinney. It adds $300 to the price but the setting is amazing! It enhances the photo shoot so much to have an elegant setting that if you choose this option I will add in "Hair & Makeup" at no extra charge, on location.     

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If you are interested in working together please contact me directly and I will send you the password that gives you access to my Boudoir Portfolio. 

Please Click on the picture below to access the Boudoir Photography Portfolio Album. You will need a password to access it.

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