About Me

Glenn Ladewig, Professional Photographer

Hello, my name is Glenn Ladewig and I am an award-winning portrait photographer based in Dallas, Texas. My phone number is 214-769-0525.

This page is about my adventure of becoming a photographer.

I am most known for the work I’ve done helping people build their dating profiles as the number one photographer for an upscale dating company with thirty franchise locations for five years.

I also do corporate and business photography for professionals including material for business websites and company head shots.   

I've also done a lot of family oriented photography including senior pictures, family portraits including pet portrait & child portraits.

In all I have done over 3000 portrait photo shoots and there are currently hundreds of people using my images as their profile picture on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media and business websites.

But beyond that, I often take "the best picture" of my clients and that is not by accident for i am not just "passionate" about photography.

I am a true professional.

Here are some of the Dating Profile photos I've taken in the last 5 years

A professional photographer is one who lives and breathes photography. They take classes and read books. The attend seminars and workshops and they watch 100s of hours of instructional videos.

They invest thousands into equipment and gear including cameras, lenses and lighting equipment on top of other business expenses.

And a professional photographer is also someone you can trust to act professionally and delivers a professional service every time.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any service in helping you achieve your photography goals.

I can be reached directly by clicking on the "Contact me" link at the top of my website.

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