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About Me

Glenn Ladewig, Professional Photographer

Hello, my name is Glenn Ladewig and I am an award-winning portrait photographer based in Dallas, Texas. My phone number is 214-769-0525.

This page is about my adventure of becoming a photographer.

I am most known for the work I’ve done helping people build their dating profiles as the number one photographer for an upscale dating company with thirty franchise locations for most of five years.

I also do corporate and business photography for professionals including material for business websites and company head shots.   

I've also done a lot of family oriented photography including senior pictures, family portraits including pet portrait & child portraits.

In all I have done over 3000 portrait photo shoots and there are currently hundreds of people using my images as their profile picture on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media and business websites.

But beyond that, I often take "the best picture" of my clients and that is not by accident for i am not just "passionate" about photography.

I am a true professional.

Here are some of the Dating Profile photos I've taken in the last 5 years

A professional photographer is one who lives and breathes photography. They take classes and read books. The attend seminars and workshops and they watch 100s of hours of instructional videos.

They invest thousands into equipment and gear including cameras, lenses and lighting equipment on top of other business expenses.

And a professional photographer is also someone you can trust to act professionally and delivers a professional service every time.

Pictured above you can see how much I have invested into my business.

I have this many lenses for two reasons. First, different types of photography require different types of lenses and secondly because over the years I have upgraded to a much higher quality of glass.

Not all lenses are made the same, by far. There is no comparison between an all-metal Zeiss 85mm made in Japan and some kit lens that comes with most cameras made in China out of plastic for $100.

Since my focus is on portrait photography, I do have the best portrait lenses that money can buy and it most definitely makes a difference.

In fact, some of the best lenses aren't even made anymore and they are considered "old school." But they were made during a time when quality mattered more than profits and it shows in every image.

Photos from a few of my "new" old-school classicly designed lenes

My photography has evolved many times over the last twelve years.

This is my third successful career in which I have more than 10,000 hours of practical experience where some might consider one has mastered a subject, thus, by that definition, I am a master photographer.

However, photography is a HUGE subject. And even though it did not take me long to understand the camera and its basic settings, there are so many more layers to photography. There is posing and editing and directing and perspective and depth and of course, lighting.

That is the definition of photography, writing with light.

Anybody can take a picture, but not everyone can control the light.

Thus, I do what most can't because they don't have the knowledge, experience and equipment to control the light. I control the light differently depending on the effect that is needed and wanted.

Do you want to look more slender? Then I control the light.
Do you want to look more authoritative? Then I control the light.
Do you want to look more professional? Then I control the light.

And there is soft light, hard light, light with shadows, ratios of light, bright subjects, dark backgrounds or focused light to diminish a prominent feature. How do you light a girl or a puppy or a flower? 

They are all different and that's why people hire professionals.      

Different forms of Light

From here down is "under construction"

A few years ago, I stepped up my game and attended several classes at the Art Institute of Dallas and joined the Professional Photographers Association, PPA, and the local branch in Dallas, DPPA. I've connected myself to a small group of great photographers that have helped me to raise the bar on my work.

In addition to attending classes and seminars, I joined a few "premier mentoring programs" online and last year I watched well over 350 hours of instructional videos covering various techniques in posing, lighting, photo editing as well as gear reviews. This was a substantially higher level of instruction.

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